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Lloyd & Deon

Lloyd and Deon are gym Pals, they have been eyeing eachother for a longtime. Today Lloyd just couldn't take it anymore he had to tell Deon he wanted him. He told him and Deon answered with pulling out his humongous cock. Lloyds eyes almost pop out of their sockets when he saw the cock Deon carries around. Almost like a reflex he instantly knelt down and started to slurp that tasty black cock.

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Anthone & Calvin

Calvin had been trying to avoid the loanshark Anthone for sometime since he didn't have the money he owed him which he had borrowed for bet on a cock fight. As Calving steps out from the local KFC resturant he hears someone yelling his name. It's Anthone. With a shivering voice he tells Anthone that he doesn't have them money. He then gets to choose between taking a beating or to take on the worlds oldest profession to settle his debt.

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Cordell & Louis
Cordell and Louis were already horny even before we switched our cameras on, they were lying back touching their balls and cocks. Just a few seconds after we turned on the camera Cordell started sucking Louis big black cock like a pro! Lous later returned the favor and had Cordell moaning of lust. Louis slid his throbbing gangsta cock in between Cordells tight ass cheeks and fucked that ass liked it owed him money.
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John & Rashan

John and Rashan met each other inside the pen were they became more then just friends. As soon as they got relased they moved in together and started a new career for themselves they became the gay pimps of their hood. They told me they spent their days collecting money and getting head from their homeboys. Being a gay pimp doesn't sound to bad to me. After many request from me these gay pimps finally agreed on doing a scene for me. See these gay pimps fucking and suck each other like there was no tomorrow.